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Belgium’s largest telecom provider has a few million customers in Belgium. Their offerings include traditional telecom services
such as Internet, digital TV, telephony but also streaming, cloud services, video-on-demand, … .

Daily they receive several thousands of calls for technical support and repair.
Until recently, these calls were handled manually by the helpdesk operator, for whom it became more and more impossible
to work efficiently because of different types of bottlenecks.

Telecom Technical Repair - old situation

  • customer explains problem to operator
    => often incorrect or insufficient information
  • operator starts manual measurements and data collection
    => considerably high waiting time before all the data is available
  • operator manually analyzes the collected data
    => multiple, various tools and applications in use, a lot of experience required
  • operator diagnoses the problem and tries to solve
    => solution strongly depends on his knowledge and experience
  • release of new product at high speed, impossible for operator to have good knowledge of everything
    => incorrect answers and repeatedly call forwarding among teams

The bottlenecks in the old system resulted in :

  • high customer dissatisfaction
  • long treatment time of calls
  • low first-time-right ratio
  • very slow learning curve for new operators
After implementing Passerelle in our mobile call center, we hoped to get a ‘First Time Resolution’ ratio somewhere between 60 and 80%.

But today we can present really startling figures:
about 92% of the calls are handled in 1st line !!

Service Manager

A thorough remodeling of the support department was warranted with as main objectives:

  • improve customer satisfaction through a more efficient and faster service
  • simplification of the tools available for the operator
  • as much automation as possible
  • real-time availability of up-to-date best practices and knowledge base for the operator

iSencia’s services were chosen to fulfill the project for the automation of these highly technological processes.
Our team, together with their relevant divisions worked out a solution based on Passerelle, with spectacular results.

Now a single system for automatic and interactive support and repair processes is at the heart of the support division,
and is used by in-house call center operators, mobile technicians, self-repair tools, third party operators, …

telecom technical repair - new situation

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