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An important Belgian telecom provider with an extensive customer base offers a large number of services and / or products on the market.

Every day they face thousands of phone calls with questions on administrative topics (concerning invoices, payments, new products, …),
for which the customer wants a quick solution.
As in all similar service companies they came to realize that these should be tackled fast and efficiently because of the significant
impact on customer satisfaction and the general perception of the company on the market.

Using Passerelle an ambitious project was launched to optimize Process Management and Knowledge Support in the customer care centers
and this, of course, in the short term. The solution acts as a kind of “personal butler” to support operators: they are “the boss” but
the butler serves them reliable, relevant information and facilities to optimize their service to the customer.

Without butler
  • Several tools needed to gather all relevant customer information
  • Long and complex procedures, often not up-todate
  • High risk of errors & rework because answers based on incorrect information
  • High needs for training and re-training
  • No consistency in answers
  • Long calls so less time to sell – low ratio of First Time Right anwers
  • Frequent transfers to other services
With butler
  • 1 Interface stating all relevant customer information
  • Automated procedures – always real-time access to the latest versions
  • Efficient procedures => short calls => more time to sell
  • Minimal training and re-training needed
  • Step-by-step guidance => consistency & automation available
  • High level FTR anwsers – less transfers to other services

Practically, on an incoming call, a new guidance tool is now being offered to the operator including:

  • current, useful customer information brought together in one screen (= customer context)
  • step by step guidance, presented as question & answer screens, through procedures with
    clear explanations
  • automated steps where possible
  • support to the dialogues to give customers accurate and complete information

Our role in this project

  • Design of Blueprint
  • Definition of the Backends
  • Passerelle platform to integrate and personalize
  • Development of Backends Services
  • POC: First draw of the automation flows & writing of business rules
  • Training of Business Users for further development of Flows and Rules
  • General Support
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