Smart Grids – You ain’t seen nothing yet

iSencia Belgium is an active member of Smart Grid Flanders that offers a platform to organizations involved with the development of the energy networks of the future.

We@isencia strongly believe in the future of Smart Grids and follow these evolutions closely. After all, our expertise in First Time Right procedures for alerting, problem detecting & solving, process control fits perfectly into this picture.

On 28 January Smart Grids Flanders celebrated its fifth anniversary with a festivity at NIKO in Sint-Niklaas. A considerable crowd turned out for the event, the speakers’ contributions were characterized by a strong content and a future-oriented look. For a full report, you can visit the site yourself by SGF.

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’

to quote speaker Ronnie Belmans (Energyville). For sure the coming years will bring compelling, inventive developments in the smart energy sector.

“Energy is fun!”

The transition to a renewable and partly decentralized energy landscape (consumer will largely produce & save their own electricity) will inevitably continue in the coming years. New players and business models around new energy networks will appear in the near future.

“Demand side flexibility ‘
or short-term flexibility for industrial users by offering in a smart way energy-as-needed for industries is an example of a new business model that can create new opportunities for the Flemish economy, according to Philippe Van Poppel (EDF Luminus) .

We@isencia listened and to our satisfaction we saw interesting use cases for our Passerelle.

We estimated this as a successful evening , thanks to SGF!

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