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In the June edition of VOKA’s (Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry) magazine “Ondernemers in Oost-Vlaanderen”, they write about our collaboration with ESRF and EMBL in Grenoble (translated from Dutch):

European research institutes in Grenoble choose software from iSencia in Ghent

iSencia Belgium, based in Ghent, specializes in software for automated and interactive support of business decision processes and has developed a dedicated platform: Passerelle EDM. In addition to applications in more classic business domains, such as operations management and customer support, it is also used since several years in international research institutions such as Synchrotron Soleil in Paris.

ESRF, another leading synchrotron located in Grenoble, is working with EMBL around materials research and molecular biology, on their joint campus. They chose Passerelle EDM as solution for their new MASSIF lines for designing, implementing and monitoring automated experiments and the processing of the obtained data.

Synchrotrons offer both their own research activity as an external service. Universities and industrial R & D use the powerful X-rays to determine the internal structure of various materials, such as proteins, but also for non-destructive investigation of fossils, artifacts etc. The scope is very wide, from archeology to pharmaceutical research. The demand for the experimentation time is big and continues to increase. So there is a drive to speed up experiments and to increase the efficient use of the experimental lines. By integrating robotics, rapid detectors and advanced software MASSIF lines can operate almost continuously to run high volumes of experiments.

Users noticed that the automated approach improves the quality of the results:

“The results [obtained] are currently causing excitement amongst a project team here.” (Rob van Montfort, team leader at the Institute of Cancer Research, UK)

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