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Maximize First Time Right ratio for knowledge-intensive business processes

First Time Right

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Passerelle helps you to maximize the efficiency and automation of your processes through the identification, analysis and modelling of your decision flows. In general it is aimed at improving the precision and consistency of operational decisions in domains with a certain degree of complexity.

Use cases

After sales

Provides automated guidance and solutions
for after-sales processes
(customer support, remote device monitoring, remote repair, onsite interventions, …)
and case management.


Supports automated processes for preparing,
installing, testing and monitoring
a new product or service


Helps you and your customer
to choose the right
product or service.


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  • Shorter learning curve
    No need for extensive training for new employees.
  • Shorter handling time for case management
    Employees, operators and customers are automatically guided to the best solution.
    More calls are handled, with faster answers.
  • Easy maintenance decision logic
    Maintaining your decision processes can be done without programming expertise
  • Flexible dashboards
    Visualize the evolution of business critical parameters, based on live and historical data. This allows rapid and appropriate response and adjustments if necessary.
  • Consistent quality
    Automation and formalized guidance lead to consistent handling of similar situations.
  • Traceability
    Detailed traces help to analyse and optimize decision flows, Also useful for regulatory requirements.
  • Fewer on-site interventions
    Automated data collection and diagnosis across your infrastructure can reduce the need to go on-site for local testing and repair.
  • Improved First Time Right
    Customers get the right help from the first call. Technicians don’t need to return on-site for the same problem.
  • Reusable expert knowledge
    Formalized knowledge can be maintained in reusable modules that can be integrated into all relevant decision processes.
  • Proactive monitoring
    Monitoring M2M communication, IoT devices and infrastructure to avoid problems.
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