open-source code Passerelle moving to eclipselabs @ GitHub

Since 2011 we have been maintaining the core of Passerelle and some related tools in open-source, on a SVN repository at eclipselabs, hosted by Google.

Earlier this year Google announced that they would stop their hosting services by the end of 2015. Existing repositories will become readonly from August onwards.
Luckily the Eclipse Foundation has created a solution : check out eclipselabs @ GitHub !

As a trial we’ve already moved the current Passerelle development trunk there, while we’re still finalizing the 8.10 release on the old repository.
After the 8.10 release, from July onwards, Passerelle @ GitHub will be the new place for Passerelle open-source development!

Thank you Google for graciously offering a great hosting service for eclipselabs in the past!
Now is the time to start learning Git !

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