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unsolicited application

We are always interested in new talent.
Although, it is necessary that you are willing to function in a flat corporate culture where openness , loyalty and quality are important accents.

Do you like our vision ? Do you think your profile fits us perfectly ?
Do not hesitate and send us your personal details.

Once received , we will send you a quick email to confirm the good reception. Later we will invite you for a first general exploratory chat.
If we and you feel that there is a match, we will soon plan a 2nd interview, to measure your technical knowledge and skills.

And hopefully we quickly come to an agreement so that you can start working with us !

iSencia Belgium NV
BE 0473 757 106
Automation of Knowledge Intensive Business Decisions
Knowledge Management
Decision Management
Business Intelligence
Data analysis
Big-Data Analysis
Troubleshooting Automation
IoT Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Voorhavenlaan 31/11 9000
+32 9 335 22 10
Dirk Jacobs
Erwin De Ley