iSencia presents Triquetrum at EclipseCon 2016 in Toulouse

Next month, on June 8th, we will be presenting the Triquetrum project at EclipseCon 2016.

Triquetrum’s goal is to deliver an open platform for managing and executing scientific workflows.

Last year we’ve joined the Eclipse Foundation and their Science Industry Working Group, where we have started the Eclipse Triquetrum project in collaboration with the Ptolemy II group of UC Berkeley and with contacts from other Science IWG projects.

Triquetrum is building on the latest Ptolemy II developments and integrating several exciting Eclipse frameworks.
We’re also helping to evolve Ptolemy II towards a modular packaging based on OSGi bundles, along the way.

The default delivery package will be an RCP graphical workflow editor and execution runtime, besides providing APIs and services related to Task-based processing.
This will sound familiar for Passerelle afficionados and indeed, Triquetrum may become the next generation of our Passerelle Core open source project.

To prepare for a first release in October 2016, Triquetrum has been under intensive development the past months and there is already something to show! Check it out at :


Everyone is invited, please join us at EclipseCon in Toulouse !

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