iSencia becomes member of EluciData

iSencia Belgium has become member of the EluciData project, an IWT project about data innovation.

Data overwhelms all sectors of our economy, due to which it is often referred to as the data-driven economy.
While the technology to exploit this data is becoming more mature, and opportunities created by data are manifold, its potential is still underutilized in most businesses.
Therefore the goal of this project is to support companies in exploiting data via different means, e.g.

  • By analyzing specific needs and challenges in different business domains
  • Investigating and presenting existing technological solutions
  • By initiating structural collaborations between companies and technology-experts.

iSencia Belgium is pleased to participate in this project as experts in data-centric decision-making technologies. We will have the opportunity to explore other application domains and enhance our technologies of predictive analysis.

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