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Passerelle, our open platform for knowledge intensive processes, perfectly fits in the IoT story.
Passerelle as IoT platform bundles many of the components that a modern IoT system needs into a single product :

  • components for low-level device control and operations such as communications, device monitoring, device resetting …
  • components for IoT data blending :  data acquisition, transformation and management of data generated from different sources
  • components for IoT application development, including event-driven logic, visualizations and dashboards, external adapters to connect to enterprise systems …

Passerelle is the answer for the development of applications that use various IoT technologies.

The IoT world is still constantly evolving.
Our participation in different research projects and our membership of several leading groups in this matter put us in the front row to follow new developments closely and to adjust our platform properly.

“Things” Management

Thousands of long-lived “Things” like sensors, smart meters, … are connected in a IoT system and are continuously capturing data. Other “Things” like gateways are responsible for forwarding the data to a central paltform.

Adequate management of this large collection of “Things” is essential for an IoT infrastructure. This includes device monitoring, remote device resetting, crash analysis and reporting, communication between devices … .
The IoT also brings new problems of scale to these management tasks. Tools must be capable of managing and monitoring thousands of devices.

Passerelle is amongst others used in the telecom for remote monitoring and maintenance of thousands of devices, widely spread across various locations.

Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks

For different reasons traditional cellular networks are not the best solution for IoT applications that need wide-area coverage.
Low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) are a better choice. These are wireless wide area networks specialized for interconnecting devices with low-bandwidth connectivity and focusing on range and power efficiency.
For the moment many of them are based on proprietary technologies.

Passerelle supports different of those technologies (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, …).

Event Stream Processing

IoT systems generate extremely high data volumes that must be analyzed in real time.  This can only be addressed efficiently by systems that can treat data using parallel architectures.
So IoT Business Applications need an integration layer towards these specialized systems.

Typically in telecom, systems are creating tens of thousands of events per second.

Passerelle is used in this sector to process high volumes of data.

IoT Analytics

The number of business models that can be invented based on “Things” data are tremendous. They can have very divers and interesting goals (better customer experience, product innovations, services optimizations, … ).
But the quality of the come-out is basically determined by the quality of the analysis of the data. As data volumes are constantly increasing, new algorithms and analysis tools will be developed.

A valuable IoT platform, like Passerelle, should be that flexible to adopt them easily and in short time frame.

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