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Time for an innovative change :

iSencia & Sagility join forces in Supportsquare


Over the past 10 years iSencia Belgium built up a thorough expertise in the automation of advanced knowledge processes.
Especially support and field services departments of our customers increased their efficiency by integrating our platform Passerelle.
Recent innovations within these departments are mainly about the addition of
Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to further optimize the support process.

That is the reason why iSencia has decided to join forces with Sagility, a Ghent SME that has had a rich experience in the VR world for many years.
From April 2018 all activities of iSencia Belgium and Sagility will be transferred to a new company: Supportsquare

Welcome in the wonderful world of AR/VR and visit our new website:


Internet of Things

Passerelle, our open platform for intelligent business processen, perfectly fits in a business IoT story.
The IoT world is still constantly in evolution. We follow this very closely by participating in different relevant research projects and membership of different pressure groups in this matter.

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Passerelle, an IoT Smart System

Passerelle is a Smart System applicable by enterprises in the domains of energy, mobility, telecom [...]

Passerelle for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Passerelle allows automation of 'Robot-tasks' in a straightforward, graphical manner with a very fast ROI on both financial and human level.

90% First Time Resolution in your customer support center!?

Would you also like at least 90% First Time Resolution in your customer support center!? Well, this is perfectly feasible with our Passerelle platform !!

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