EclipseCon Europe: Follow DD, DP & E

04/11 : The R5 horizon

Another very busy day here at EclipseCon Europe. The main problem today was to choose between the many simultaneous interesting sessions. What to do if you have four good sessions at the same moment? Choosing is losing!

Something for our meeting room ? Sorry,  it won’t fit into the trunk of our car.

These were the main highlights for me today:
  • Declarative Services in OSGi R5: we already use DS at iSencia, but with our current use of R4.2, we seems to be missing out on some of the fun. DS can now be configured entirely through Java annotations and has a completely new service to inspect the registration of services.
  • JavaScript tooling in Orion: Orion is an online JavaScript IDE and is used in e.g. Eclipse Che/CodeEnvy. The talk was mainly about the difficulties involved in providing proper tooling such as code completion and type reference finding for JavaScript.
  • Package Drone: This is an “OSGi-First software artifact repository”. It acts as a collector of artifacts that come out of a software build process and need to become available to subsequent build or deployment steps. Several adapters are included to extract data from the artifacts, or to generate build step configurations. We saw a demonstration of the maven repository adapter, OSGi R5 XML index repository adapter and the P2 repository adapter. Certainly a tool we need to have a closer look at.

– by DP


03/11 : Docker, Oomph, DSLs and oh my!

Today was the first real conference day.
This means it became a lot busier, with people constantly streaming in and out of filled auditoriums. The amount of information we got to digest in one day suddenly became quite overwhelming.
DP followed the Docker tutorial which, he admits without blushing, went a bit too fast to follow. Unix commands flew over the command line, projected on the big screen, at mind boggling speed.
Docker allows the developer to build a type of virtual machine images into which applications can be deployed. Images can depend on each other to create ever more complex stacks of environments. You can, for instance, build an image with Ubuntu and a JDK on it. Then create a second image which depends on the first one and adds Tomcat. Then create another image which depends on the latter and which adds your application’s war, etc. The images acts as a container for your environment and can be deployed to registries such as AWS or DockerHub.
DD followed the Oomph tutorial, while E attended the Eclipse En-route session.
Oomph seems to be omnipresent here, so I’m sure we’ll hear more on that topic from DD.
DP also attended a session on writing DSLs with XText which was pretty impressive. The lecturers demonstrated the conversion of an XText syntax file into a CodeMirror editor with full code-completion and validation for the DSL. This might be something to look at for our own work.


– by DP


02/11 : The Unconference

The first day of EclipseCon is called the Unconference, a day where eclipse Working Groups and associated communities get maximum networking opportunities. We joined the Science working group for a day-long discussion on all the projects the group members are working on.

First up on the agenda were all the licensing issues the group faces to get the projects validated as true Eclipse contributions. We also got short introductions to the R-language tools used for statistical analysis and the OpenChem tools project used for the visualization of chromatography and mass spectrometry data.

E. gave a talk about progress being made on our new Triquetrum workflow project. He showed off the different visual editors and talked about the data tracing facilities that are built into the core library.

In the afternoon, the group looked at the Eclipse Advanced Imaging Project, the Eclipse Datasets Project and the Python Integration Project. The latter two are of special interest to Triquetrum as integration of the workflow actors with these libraries was already proven to be very effective.

Although the day left us feeling tired and hungry, the entire iSencia team agreed this was very interesting workshop. It offered a chance to discover the bigger context of our project and to get maximum networking opportunities.

– by DP


01/11 : iSencia hits the Autobahn.

Yes. We’re on the road today, heading for Ludwigsburg in Germany to attend the annual EclipseCon conference. We recently became an Eclipse Solutions Member and joined the Eclipse Foundation’s Science working group. To celebrate, we’re heading to our first EclipseCon to get a taste of these vibrant communities.

DD may have to develop multiple personalities to fulfil the busy agenda he has outlined for himself. I’m not sure about E’s program yet. He’s too concentrated on keeping the car on the road to answer my questions. DP is prepping his machine for the hands-on Docker tutorial.

We are extremely exited about this, looking forward to getting inspired about new directions our projects could take.
I will be reporting daily on our progress through the conference, so watch this space.

– by DP


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