Passerelle, an IoT Smart System

Passerelle is a Smart System applicable by enterprises in the domains of energy, mobility, telecom and environment. What are the advantages of the Internet of Things ? Appliances primed for the Internet of Things are equipped with intelligent sensors and measurement points. Such appliances have existed for a long time. The measurements they perform are [...]

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Passerelle EDM for new MASSIF beamlines

In less than three months of operation more than 6 million diffraction images have been collected from 4126 samples ranging from initial hits from crystallisation experiments to large-scale data set collection for drug discovery programmes. The automatic routines developed are often able to locate crystals more effectively than the human eye and in many cases [...]

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Why Rules ?

What is a Rule Engine ? The term Rule Engine can be referred to any system that uses Rules, in any form, that can be applied to data to produce outcomes; it may refer to simple systems like form validation or more complex systems like dynamic expression engines. In a few words a Rule engine [...]

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