Automation in a Scientific Research Area

Automation in a Scientific Research Area 2017-06-19T14:23:27+00:00

Synchrotron Soleil (a French synchrotron) has selected Passerelle within the context of a project for the automation of scientific research processes. They offer to scientists, who bring samples to the research institute, a system for the complete automation of sample tracking and analysis of the research results.

Analyse wetenschappelijke data v2

Role of Passerelle
  • experiment result recovery: Passerelle flows automatically retrieve research results from a central database via a WebService.
  • data reduction: various Passerelle workflows analyze the experiment result files, filter all images from these data files, and in parallell execute some data reductions on the images according to certain algorithms
  • data analysis: the actual analysis of the research data is performed by a
    another group of Passerelle flows, handling the reduced
The integration of Passerelle’s execution traces with its graphical models allows our scientists to understand in detail what happened in each step of each experimental run.
Andrew McCarthy, EMBL
My experience so far is so good that all workflows on all other MX beamlines (ID23EH1, ID23EH2, ID29, ID30A3 and BM14) have been moved to the BES / Passerelle EDM
Olof Svensson, ESRF
It is reassuring that the programs found a crystal we missed on the manual run
Bernhard Rupp, Innsbruck Medical University

Why Passerelle ?

  • Based on the latest software development technologies (Java / J2EE, Web services).
  • Possibility to link with other existing services for management of scientific samples and data analysis software
  • Ability to run multiple flows parallell, so simultaneous data recovery from various types of data sources
  • Previous successes of Passerelle for management of experiments conducted in other beamlines
  • Capability to run in a clustered environment

Our role in the project

  • developing extensions for Passerelle for integrating with other subsystems in the solution architecture
  • developing actors and workflows for data reduction and analysis
  • supporting Soleil’s team for their Passerelle-related work on this project
  • customizing and optimizing the Passerelle deployment configuration according to Soleil’s requirements for software environments, and to match the agreed performance requirements for automated data analysis
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