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iSencia Belgium is a software services and solutions provider, specializing in frameworks
and platforms for intelligent process automation and decision management.

Our offerings are based on extensive internal investments in R&D and have been applied
in several high-profile domains (large telecom operators, leading scientific research
institutions and global healthcare corporations).

We have partner offices in Spain and Sweden.

Research among our customers, conducted by an independent agency, shows
that the
three core values
that they associate most strongly with iSencia are:

  • ico_innovation_001Innovative
  • Goal drivenGoal-driven
  • ExpertiseExperienced



  • support companies that want to invest in the automation of their Business Processes, in a sustainable and professional manner
  • computerization of both administrative and technological processes who’s specificity demands an open platform to meet the requirements
  • combine the expertise of business customers with our technical know-how into a profitable synergy



  • Java EE
  • Angular
  • SherpaBeans, the iSencia framework
  • Apache Wicket
  • RedHat Drools
  • Ptolemy framework
  • All our solutions are web-based,
    platform- and database-independent



  • business structure is not a classic hierarchical structure but a flat structure
  • high degree of direct interaction among all employees
  • pleasant and stimulating environment that invites people to work, learn and enjoy
  • open communication, both within the team as with the customer



  • general and technical leadership in the hands of Dirk Jacobs and Erwin De Ley
  • direct communication between them and each team members
  • experienced, loyal and highly specialized team
  • flexible exchange of resources between Belgium and Spain
  • following passionately but critically new technologies in our domain
  • training through participation in technical courses and seminars but – most important – learn a lot from each other


Small talk

  • 15 years in the market of software IT solutions in divers business areas
  • offices in Belgium (Gent), Spain (Barcelona) en Sweden (PĂ„arp)
  • Solid team of experienced Java programmers
  • General and technical leadership in the hands of Dirk Jacobs and Erwin De Ley
iSencia Belgium NV
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Automation of Knowledge Intensive Business Decisions
Knowledge Management
Decision Management
Business Intelligence
Data analysis
Big-Data Analysis
Troubleshooting Automation
IoT Automation
Robotic Process Automation
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Dirk Jacobs
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