90% First Time Resolution in your customer support center!?

Would you also like at least 90% First Time Resolution in your
customer support center!?
Well, this is perfectly feasible with our Passerelle platform !!

A telecom customer has been working for many years with our Passerelle
platform for the diagnosis and repair of problems related to services
through the fixed telephone line.

Last year the existing Passerelle implementation was extended in order
to automate also the support calls about mobile lines.

To evaluate the quality of the support, the ‘First Time Resolution’ ratio was measured in the call center
during an extended period. Our customer was hoping to come out somewhere between 60 and 80%
but came across startling figures: about 92% of the calls are handled in 1st line, so should not be
transfered to the expert team.
This high ratio is achieved due to Passerelle, as it presents to the operator the correct diagnosis flow
to solve reported problems.

The expectations of the business are thus surpassed seriously.
Needless to stress that the realised cost reduction was highly appreciated by the management.

Would you also like to realise such nice results
in your facility or in-house call centre?

Please contact us to sit together and have a chat about the possibilities.

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